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TEACHING, LEARNING, AND RESEARCH. Celebrate 2020 will be held online May 13. Please complete the registration form if you are planning to attend. Registrants will be provided information to access the sessions prior to the event. We look forward to a great day of (online) celebration, professional development, and exploration!

The Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC) invites you to come Celebrate with sessions designed to:

  • Enhance your teaching;
  • Showcase the latest instructional approaches and technologies (e.g., universal design/accessibility);
  • Promote networking for research collaboration (especially as it relates to the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning);
  • Share examples of academic excellence (e.g., assessment, student success);
  • Encourage fun and energizing wellness activities.


8:45 AM
Pre Show!

Test your connection before the event, enjoy videos & slides from Celebrate’s past, network with other WVU community members, and more.

9:00 AM
Main Event Opens!
9:45 AM
Main Event
10:30 AM
( Video Showcase)

Snack on a wide range of topics in our Video Showcase (made available for your individual enjoyment).

Networking Chat available in the Zoom webinar.

11:00 AM
Main Event

Session #3: Tips from Award-Winning Teachers - Mike Strager, Scott Myers

Special Guest Check-In by Provost Maryanne Reed and Associate Provost Melissa Latimer

11:45 AM

Go to our Video Platter Lunch Buffet to enjoy recipes and food preparation videos by Extension Service.

Networking Chat available in the Zoom webinar. 

1:15 PM
Main Event

Special Guest Check-In by Associate Provost Melissa Latimer

Session #5: Bringing Mindfulness to my Classroom at WVU: Background, Implementation, and Empirical Findings - Justin Morgan

2:00 PM
Post Show! (webinar*)


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